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Teaching English as a second language to distant learners

      Teaching English as a second language in EFL settings has many challenges – however, teaching language to distant learners has further challenges i.e. physical location of the students, class room environment, availability of the learning resources on the go, ability to communicate with other students who are geographically located apart. Distance learning … Continue reading Teaching English as a second language to distant learners


Have you ever heard of the word Corpora? The word Corpora is derived from Latin ‘corpus’ means body similar to the word ‘corpse.’ Corpus is basically a collection of natural and authentic texts on the internet used for research purposes. Corpus Linguistics is a new study of doing language analysis using computer resources. It has … Continue reading Corpora

Why Social Media?

Social media, social networks and social websites seem buzzwords in the daily life whether watching TV, reading newspapers or exploring different learning modes and trends. In fact, our minds are constantly obsessed by the most popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogging, Wikipedia, Pinterest, and Skype and many other online learning websites and social … Continue reading Why Social Media?

Online dictionaries: which one is best?

Teaching pronunciation is a vital feature of language learning but has been neglected the most in the past EFL settings as teachers used to teach using print based dictionaries in the classroom in the past. Phonetic transcription of phonemes in the printed dictionary couldn’t give the correct impression of the phonemes, stress and intonation patterns … Continue reading Online dictionaries: which one is best?

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